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Terms of cooperation

The products under the tariff PROFESSIONAL


1. Introduction to the demo version.

2. The signing of the contract, payment of 100%.

3. Install and configure the hosted customer sending an electronic copy of site to the customer.

* Improvements on this rate are not fulfilled by our team.

The products under the tariff EXCLUSIVE

1. Approval of technical specifications.

2. The signing of the contract, an advance payment of 50%.

3. Design of the main page, the approval by the customer.

4. Development of the Site.

5. Testing.

6. Demonstration site on our servers.

7. Payment of 50%.

8. Installation and Configuration at the customers hosting.

General terms and conditions

1. All the code is the intellectual property of our company and does not provide for the transfer of rights to the customer. An exception can only be developed by individual site design.

2. All of the projects, without exception, we will publish in the Portfolio.

3. It is prohibited to resell the market products in large quantities.

4. We do not use in the development free CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.). Only Microscript CMS, Microscript CMF - that pertains under the license and provide accommodation only for one or more (by appointment) domain names.

5. We do not use third-party development of the authors and do not perform on the basis of their projects.

6. We do not modify someone already started projects.

7. We work with individuals and legal entities around the world only at the official contract (in paper form, which is sent by regular mail).

8. If during the operation requires a significant number of edits (which exceed the term of the agreement), these changes are carried out on a new contract after the payment of original contract.

9. Microscript Company  does not return, indemnify or compensate  funds under any circumstances.

10. We do not develop separately the design from the program code, or vice versa, only the finished turnkey website.

11. The text and content is engaged by the customer.

12.The technical specifications and the ideas for improvements are forming by the customer.

13. Not all improvements are possible to implement.