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Microscript Corp.

Future IT-company


«Microscript» Corp. —  is a futuristic IT company that brings together the best IT professionals from around the world. The main concept of the company is to hire the best specialists around the world on a remote basis, this gives the main advantage - talented performers. The company coordinates all work using a single business management system, thus saving money on office rent, paying taxes in different countries - this gives the second advantage, the cost of product development and service provision is significantly reduced.

Over the 15 years of the company's operation, we have assembled a team of experienced professionals who understand online business trends and are highly qualified.

We give priority to the high technologies of the future, in particular cryptocurrencies.

Our main goal is to develop ready-made solutions that will bring profit to our customers.


«Microscript CMS» - own project of our company. The main objective - a simple and intuitive interface. The system is ideal for corporate sites and business sites. We designed and made «Microscript CMS» so, what should be our view an ideal control system. It looks good and works fast.